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The following provides an overview of the website services that we provide for small business, a brief description of what would be provided to you, the typical timeframe for website development, and the typical costs associated with the development of a “Phase I” website. Note that the information provided here provides typical scenarios and is for reference only. The specific deliverables, timeframe, and costs would be provided in the contract that would be delivered to you.

Content Management System

First, websites that we develop are made specifically for small business, community organizations, and non-profits that are interested in having a web presence but do not have a large budget. Our websites use the Joomla Content Management System which allows for quick development time, relatively low cost of implementation, and allows for business owners to provide and maintain website content.

Joomla is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that helps build websites and other powerful online applications. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everybody. Joomla is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. Here are just some of the ways people use Joomla software:

  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Online commerce
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Government applications
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • School and church websites
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Community-based portals
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • the possibilities are limitless…

Joomla can be used to easily manage every aspect of a website, from adding or updating content and images to adding or updating calendar events, forms, or product catalogs. You may learn more about the Joomla Content Management System by visiting www.joomla.org.

Website Deliverables

Typically, websites that we develop are completed in phases. This is because most clients want a web presence fairly quickly and then discover once the site is up and running that they would like additional functionality added or have budget constraints that simply don’t allow for big ticket expenses all at once. Thus this phased approach becomes advantageous for several reasons.
First, the Joomla CMS allows for fairly quick initial development time so a web presence is usually accomplished within a few months. This is always dependent on how quickly site content can be delivered and created, but most customers are pleasantly surprised with how quickly the website can be developed.

Second, the costs of website development can be managed in phases as well. This is of particular importance to small businesses that almost always have very tight budgets from which to operate. The phased approach allows for development and payment of additional functionality to happen when the client is ready and can afford the move forward. This provides the perfect solution for clients that prefer to only pay for what they need and when they need it.

What is typically not provided in a Phase I development cycle are items that not all customers want or need, items that typically take longer to develop or are somewhat more complicated to develop, or are custom client functionality that typically is not seen or needed by a vast majority of website customers. All of these items are certainly possible during an early phase of website development; they just would be an additional cost. These items may include items such as:

  • Shopping Carts
  • On-line Forms
  • Newsletter/Mailing List
  • Advertising Banner Management
  • Discussion Boards/Forums
  • Etc.

Of course, if a client wishes to begin their Phase I web presence with one or more of these components, that is certainly possible and something we would be more than happy to accommodate.

Development Timeframe

Usually websites that we develop are up and running within 1-3 months from the contract signing date. This is dependent upon the receipt of site organizational structure, content, images, etc. but is usually completed with a reasonable amount of time.

Website Costs

Website development cost plays a critical role in a customer’s decision to choose one development firm over another. The use of Joomla CMS allows for the development of websites at a reasonable cost. Most customers find the flexibility of a CMS advantageous and the cost and timeframe of implementation desirable. Being a small company allows us to provide a service, which we love to do, at a much lower cost than a commercial firm may charge.

The following description provides a guide and is the typical MINIMUM CHARGE for website development. Customers desiring additional functionality or whose website requirements are more complex in nature are charged accordingly. Please let us know if you would like to discuss additional options.

Website Hosting – includes website hosting account setup and one (1) year website hosting.  $120.00 USD 
 Website Design and Development – includes website design, development, and installation of a Joomla-based website. Components included in a base website install include: Core Joomla CMS, website design, current client content, site search, document management, calendar, contacts, and sitemap.  $500.00 USD
 Website Author Training Session – includes one (1) website author training session of a maximum of two (2) hours if desired by the Client.  $30.00 USD
 Website Administrator Fee – includes first one (1) year website administrator activities.  $100.00 USD
 TOTAL (Phase 1)  $750.00 USD

 Payment for services is typically due at contract signing and before website development is completed. Payment options are certainly available, so please contact us if you would like to discuss other arrangements.

After Go-Live

Once your website is up and running we provide our first year of web administration support. This first year is where we have the opportunity to continue to work with our clients to adjust the website as needed, to take care of any issues that may arise, and to implement any additional functionality that may be needed. We also continue to provide our normal web administrator functions, such as routine website monitoring, scheduled website backups, and software version upgrades.

Beyond the first year of operation we offer additional web adminstration contracts on a yearly basis that can be tailored to meet individual client needs.

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